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Pass the Mic media is founded on the belief that diversity is a reality. It is not a goal or a mandate, or some ideal. It is THE DEAL.  Our arts and entertainment and the power structures that all of that hangs on must reflect that reality.

We focus on inclusion and equity—making sure that the stories that form the basis of our pop culture reflect the voices of those people who are traditionally underrepresented or completely erased. Further, we believe that those groups must be represented throughout decision making roles in mass media. The projects we choose to support through research, development, and production will always advance and adhere to these principles.

Let's get the mic in the hands of those that are amplified the least.

Right now, they have the most at risk.

Our Founder

Maha Chehlaoui is an award-winning artist and producer, as well as a social change strategist. She has produced events and worked on campaigns for clients in the arts, environment, and other advocacy spaces. In 2016, Maha received the prestigious OBIE theatre award together with Lameece Issaq for their work with Noor Theatre, a company focused on American theater artists of the Middle Eastern diaspora cofounded in 2008 with Nancy Vitale (Eyes Up here Productions). Noor was awarded for their work " change the dialogue. To engage, enlighten, as well as entertain, while shining a light on a culture that most Americans know only through mass media stereotypes." As a co-founder and now former Executive Director, Maha's strategic and artistic sensibilities were key in creating programming and fundraising strategies that have garnered recognition and support for the company and the communities it serves.

Maha came to Noor with a decade of experience producing, directing and performing, especially within  New York's Middle Eastern community of artists. In the aftermath of 9/11, Maha, along with many brave colleagues, fought to keep the voices of Arab Americans on stage, in the media, and front and center. Considered by many a founder of and driving force behind the creation of today's cohesive Middle Eastern American performing arts community, she is a skilled leader and communicator that has co-led many projects to successful completion, including Noor's Food and Fadwa and the now annual 48 Hour Forum; Nibras' Sajjil: Record, the hit play Live! With Pascale and Chantal, several New York Arab-American Comedy Festival events, and more. 

Maha remains dedicated to engaging, enlightening and entertaining. She also cares deeply about creating structural change so that these are not just fleeting moments of shared experience between artists and audiences, but long term, sustainable power sharing opportunities for people who are too often left out of "the room where it happens." Diversity without equity is no longer enough.


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