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Pass the Mic Media is a production and consulting outfit. We believe that diversity is a reality. It is not a goal or a mandate, or some ideal. It is THE DEAL.  Our arts and entertainment and the power structures that all of that hangs on must reflect that reality.

We focus on quality stories with an eye to inclusion and equity. Pop Culture can reflect the voices of those people who are traditionally underrepresented or completely erased. Further, we believe that those groups must be represented throughout decision making roles in mass media. The projects we choose to support through research, development, and production will always advance and adhere to these principles.


Maha Chehlaoui is an award-winning creative producer and social change strategist. She has developed and produced films, plays, and events as well as worked on campaigns for clients in the arts, environment, and other advocacy spaces. 

Driven to identify and nourish a Middle Eastern theater community in the USA in the aftermath of 9/11, Maha has almost 20 years of experience sourcing, developing and producing emerging storytellers.. As a co-founder and now former Executive Director of Noor Theatre, Maha's strategic and artistic sensibilities were key in creating programming and fundraising strategies that have garnered recognition and support for the company and the communities it serves. In 2016 Noor was honored with an OBIE theatre award recognizing their work " change the dialogue. To engage, enlighten, as well as entertain, while shining a light on a culture that most Americans know only through mass media stereotypes."

Maha remains dedicated to engaging, enlightening and entertaining. She also cares deeply about creating structural change so that these are not just fleeting moments of shared experience between artists and audiences, but long term, sustainable power sharing opportunities for people who are too often left out of "the room where it happens." Diversity without equity is no longer enough.



JO (2017) with PlayMountain Productions

In 1980's Woodstock, NY, a 13-year old girl reluctantly prepares for her Bat Mitzvah, but an unexpected encounter with a local girl sends this rite of passage in an unorthodox direction. Written & directed by Justine Wolf Williams. Full length feature currently in development.


BROTHERS (2018) with MMP

A Muslim Arab boy realizes he is different, and his older brother learns to stand by him. Written & directed by Mike Mosallam (Breaking Fast, All-American Muslim), this short film sheds light on LGBT issues in a familial, religious space as yet not portrayed on screen.

UBUNTU (2018) with MMP and MPAC

UBUNTU is a coming of age story that follows Hakeem & Darren, best friends and star athletes navigating high school. When pushed to face their individual fears, Hakeem and Darren realize that staying true to themselves while supporting one another is what matters. Written by Adel Kamal and directed by Aqsa Altaf, winners of the MMP/MPAC Fellowship for Muslim Filmmakers

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